A Series of [Un]Fortunate Events

by Ty Tuin

Fortunately, whoever misinterpreted the Mayan calendar was wrong.

Unfortunately, Mondays still exist.

Fortunately, my Monday consisted of landing in Australia.

Unfortunately, someone brought an illness aboard and we sat on the plane while quarantine officers searched it.

Fortunately, in-flight entertainment was still on and I got to finish a good movie.

Unfortunately, I should have slept more on the plane instead of watching movies.

Fortunately, I’ll appreciate sleep so much more tonight.


Fortunately, I’m back in Australia for another great semester.

Unfortunately, the style of old men and short shorts hasn’t gone away.

Fortunately, it’s warm enough to wear short shorts.

Unfortunately, there’s no snow to make snow angels.

Fortunately, that means I have time to help prepare for Semester 1 2013.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot yet to be done.

Fortunately, we’re energized and ready to make it the Best Semester it can be.

Here’s to the New Year!


Botany Bay, the place where colonial Australia began