The Australia Studies Centre is a cultural studies program based in Australia run by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, an international association of intentionally Christian colleges and universities. Designed to provide undergraduates of all majors and career interests with the opportunity to study in Brisbane, the ASC also emphasizes Indigenous studies and faithful, global involvement.

Cultural Interaction is a large factor of the ASC semester. Students participate in service projects and live in homestays with local families to help them encounter the Australia that tourists never see. From business and ministry to social sciences and teacher education, students attending ASC have every opportunity to pursue their passions and interests with other Christians from around North America and the world even as they compare and contrast the Australia of myths and movies with the realities of everyday life. Throughout the semester, ASC students engage the history of Australia’s Indigenous peoples and discover their modern identities and present realities.

Our Passion is to train those who have an abiding desire to actively engage people of the world through responsible behavior at home and abroad. We seek to challenge students to grapple with the implications of what it means to put down deep local roots which have global consequences socially, environmentally and spiritually.

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2 thoughts on “LEARN A NEW LATITUDE

  1. Hey, I’m currently a student in Saint Paul. Minnesota and I’m considering going to ASC next spring. I would love to chat with a student who was completed a semester there or is currently studying there. Any suggestions? My name is Ashton and I would love to talk.

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