Four Day Lesson

Excerpt from Vicki Crocker personal blog “Heights and Depth” Vicki is a Fall 2017 student from Roberts Wesleyan College. Reproduced with permission.

ASC Keep Cup

So far, I have been here in Australia for 4 days and I can see how mu God is working in this trip. Not only were my travels safe, but those who I’ve encountered have been great, strangers and soon to be great friends. I can see that God has had his hand over me and all my worries. Like if I would get along with my host family. But I believe that a karaoke night with the volume turned all the way u; along with laser disco lights is a well obvious sign that I will be perfectly fine.

I’ve begun to see first hand that when you just put things in God’s hands he WILL take care of you and give you what you need to grow and endure. We just need to let go and listen to what God is telling us to do and follow his commands wholeheartedly without hesitation. Because when we let ourselves follow with our hearts and through trust, God opens these amazing doors that allow you t experience and grow.

Looking back before this adventure, I know that God was preparing me for all that I should experience here. Through hard times and times of loneliness, God has taught me to look and focus completely on him. Our ASC leaders have been telling us to embrace the awkward moments and the lonely times and the times when you miss home and in those moments, redirect your focus to what you have right in front of you and to connect with our host families.

One of the most interesting parts of this experience is that whole idea that we are here in a completely different country on the opposite side of the world in a total opposite time zone with close to nothing as our possessions and relying on those around us to live. With that, what a joy it is to be able to give back to them, to be able to serve in the littlest ways and to really become part of the beauty that surrounds you, even though it’s is almost every way opposite. This reminds me that no matter where we really are nothing is owned by us. We rely on the gifts God has given us to thrive in life, and that is something we must be thankful for.