Place. Land. Beauty.

Excerpt from Chris Krebsbach’s blog Chris is joining us at ASC this semester visiting from the Los Angeles Film Studies Centre.  The pictures are from our recent trip to outback Australia with quotes by an Australian author.

“In the century since Galileo’s explosive new understanding of the cosmos first rattled our cage, humans have never quite managed to give up the idea that we are at the centre of the universe and masters of all we survey.


We’re used to seeing ourselves as the pinnacle of reality.


But traveling deep into landscapes, paying attention to the natural world, we’re reminded of our true position in the scheme of things.” 


“I think people everywhere yearn for connection,


 to be overwhelmed by beauty…
img_0508…Perhaps in the face of grandeur we silently acknowledge our smallness, 


our bit part in majesty.”

Quotes from Island Home by Tim Winton, Hamish Hamilton AU, 2015.

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