Weekends that could last forever

Excerpt from Hannah Matthew’s personal blog “Mainer Gone Aussie”.  Hannah is a Fall 2016 ASC student from Gordon College. Reproduced with permission.

Wow! It still doesn’t feel real that I am in Australia! It’s been a wonderful weekend filled with small activities and time to adjust.

Saturday was filled with a drive around to see kangaroos! That’s right, three days in the country and I saw heaps of them! I didn’t go far, these kangaroos were mad chillin’ on a golf course! I was fortunate enough to get right up close, maybe six feet, from a few of them including a mom and Joey! Of course I got many pictures.


My (host) Mum took me by Hillsong Church, and then to Mt. Gravatt lookout. At the top of a winding road that reminded me of home, was a gorgeous view of the city equipped with a café.


Sunday afternoon was eventful! I went to South Bank of Brisbane where there is a market. After scoping it out for the first time, I of course went to the beginning and started with food. I got a big ol’ cheesy brat with grilled onions and sauerkraut. It was delicious. I shopped around at the local vendors a little, and ended my venture with a Peanut Butter chocolate cookie shake from Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar. It’s just as good as it sounds.

IMG_3922 2.JPG

One full week done and I don’t even know how I feel. I believe I am still, and will be for a little while longer, in the “honeymoon” stage of being here.

This last weekend I had plans of my own. Saturday started with some homework and ended with a bang.. or two. While a majority of us were going to an Australian Football League game, a smaller group of us decided to explore before hand. The day started great meeting up with G and Caven in South Bank. We walked around, saw some cool things and then sat by the manmade beach in the centre of the city. It’s a little different than the all natural New England beaches I’m used to, but it’s still interesting.


We then met up with one more student Sonya to continue exploring. We spent some time in the candy store which allowed me to purchase enough chocolate covered coffee beans to make it through the night and some gummy snakes which are WAY better than American gummy worms. We continued our way to the tourist area of South Bank to “The Brisbane Wheel.” The wheel is pretty cool and we decided that it was time to finally ride it. It was well worth it with the views we saw while going around four times. At one point, we stopped at the very top and of course another selfie was taken.

IMG_7034 2

For the whole month of July, there has been a noodle festival that is only open in the evening. The lovely “Brisbane” sign is included in this festival so you probably guessed it, we waited in line to enter into the mosh of noodles that prevented us from getting onto the sign.


The AFL game was great. We got to hang out right outside the stadium for a while where they have a DJ and some others things before the game started. This is where we learned from the Aussie of the group how to kick and throw an AFL football. It’s hard and I don’t plan on getting better at it either. The game was… alright. The Aussie dad (who saved my life that night by bringing my ticket) was generous enough to explain the whole game to a few of us and I caught on for the most part. While the Brisbane Lions rank 17/18 and we played Port Adelaide or as they like to be called “Power” which rank 10/18, we got crushed. With a final score that didn’t register in my mind, we lost by approximately 100 points. It was sad. All in all, we still got to enjoy each others company and have good memories to look back on.


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