Country (A Poem)

Excerpt from Laina Faul’s personal blog “Thoughts From Laina.”  Laina is a Spring 2016 ASC student from Belhaven University. Reproduced with permission.


Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park – Northern Territory – Australia – Photo by Nosha

This semester I have the privilege of learning about Australian Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islander People. This poem comes from a place of learning as I try to process some of the things we have been discussing about these people groups’ world views. Specifically, this poem is about the idea of Country. Country is not just a land where people live; it is itself alive. This is by no means a full understanding. It is simply my response and attempt to process new concepts.

Country (working title)

I am the Land you see
and don’t see
the Land beneath your feet.
I am Sea
I am Sky
and everything between.
I am Father
I am the root of your tree.
All that is behind,
what you see in your Dreams,
that is me.
All that is lost,
forgotten by time,
that is my memory.
I am no spirit or idea
no man and no god.
I am the Land, the Sea, the Sky
and everything between.

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