Ian, Australian Outback | Throwback Thursday

Excerpt from alum Alessandra (Spellman) Arendt’s photography blog.  Alessandra was an ASC student during the Spring 2011 semester.  Reproduced with permission.

It’s Throwback Thursday time again! I’m still on a bit of an Australia kick, so this week I wanted to share these portraits of Ian. Ian was our incredibly kind, generous, and endearing driver for our time spent in the Outback. He is a wealth of knowledge, and Aussie to the core. Very grateful to have met him – and, though we may never meet again, I hope he knows how truly memorable he made our travels.


Also, the sky and light in Australia are just magical: somehow totally different than elsewhere in the world. It’s a vast slice of wonder that always takes your breath away. The photo below doesn’t do any of it justice, but thought it would be worth mentioning now that my mind is drifting back to how many stunning moments I can remember simply from looking up while there.

Ian 2


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