Instagram Competition Champions Once Again!

So this semester our ASC students won the BestSemester Instagram Competition for the second time.  Such a fun activity (and a splash of sibling rivalry) to compete with our BestSemester programs around the world.  Here are some of our favorite photos of the semester from the ASC.  (To see more from the ASC go to Instagram and search the hashtag #bestsemesterASC.  For pictures from all programs search #fall13pics.)











Celebrating 10 years in Sydney!

The last ASC students depart from New Zealand today.  Sigh.  It’s overwhelming to realize that the ASC has spent 10 years in Sydney (20 semesters of students).  It has been such an amazing experience to partner with Wesley Institute in the task of providing Christ-centered higher education to students.  I was looking back over some photos from the very first semester and realized a few things had changed since the “spring” semester 1, 2004:

This was the sign students saw when they arrived on campus

Back then the speed limit was 15

The theater wasn’t purple and hadn’t been soundproofed

But students still had a great time learning from their Wesley peers and lecturers

We appreciate all the Wesley Institute students and staff have done to make the past 10 years so great.  Wesley Institute, we will miss you! 

Very sincerely,

Kimberly Spragg, ASC director