The ASC is moving to Brisbane

by Kimberly Spragg (ASC Director)

At the end of this fall 2013 semester, the ASC will celebrate 10 years in Sydney and 10 years at Wesley Institute. And a wonderful decade it has been!

It was with great sadness that we announced in May that this fall is our final semester in Sydney. Beginning January 2014 we will move from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia and partner with Christian Heritage College (CHC) to offer the Australia Studies Centre. Personally, I’m sad to leave a city which has been my home for 8 ½ years. I’m sad to leave my church, my friends, my ministries, and those faculty and staff at Wesley and at the ASC who have become good friends and trusted colleagues. I’m sad to say goodbye to the many Wesley students who have been wonderful friends to ASC students through the years. Yet I know this next step for the ASC is the right thing. I wouldn’t be moving with the program if I didn’t think this was a good decision.

Henri Nouwen encourages us to remember that “the cup of life is not only a cup of sorrow but also a cup of joy.” So while I do feel much sorrow at the thought of leaving Wesley, I am joyful when I think of the opportunities our students will have in Brisbane . . . opportunities which are not available to them here in Sydney.

Christian Heritage College has unique advantages for the next generations of ASC students, especially because of the range of classes it offers. CHC offers majors in Business, Education, Social Sciences and Ministries.

Aerial Photo of Christian Heritage College and Brisbane

Aerial Photo of Christian Heritage College and Brisbane       (photo courtesy of CHC)

CHC was established in 1986 as a result of Christian Outreach Centre’s vision for Christian higher education in Australia. (Christian Outreach Centre is a denomination in Australia and has a large church associated with it called Citipointe Christian Church.) Over the past 27 years, CHC has grown from offering one course with an initial enrolment of nine students, to nearly 30 courses and a student community of 800. From small beginnings, CHC has gained recognition as an integral part of the Australian higher education sector. CHC aims to be a Christian higher education institution that prepares people to make a difference in the world around them and in their professional career.

To love God with your whole heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbour as yourself, are the principles which guide CHC’s mission and which give shape to their pursuit of higher education within their Christian vision of life. The outworking of this is through CHC’s understanding of a Christian worldview which underpins and informs all of their pursuits. While I believe that CHC will be an excellent partner with the ASC, the city of Brisbane also provides a lovely location for students to be able to experience Australia in new and exciting ways. Brisbane is not only a beautiful river city filled with ferries and bridges and sky-scrapers and quirky art installations, but it’s footfriendly and built for adventure and outdoor experiences.

If you haven’t already, check out the video about the city of Brisbane and Christian Heritage College:

Saying goodbye to Sydney and to Wesley won’t be easy and I know there will be many tears. But I’m looking forward to the learning that ASC students will experience in Brisbane, to the friendships they will make along the way, and to what God will do in their hearts and in their minds as they journey to a new continent and engage with new peoples and new cultures.

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