Fun and service placement

By Calvin Taylor

Reproduced with permission from

So earlier this week, one of the students in the group had a birthday. So we went to his homestay and had a birthday party for him. It was loads of fun! We played games, talked, and ate tacos. The tacos were great and for dessert we had carrot cake and some other type of cake. Everything was amazing and pretty much everybody overate.

Most of our ASC family (students)

Most of our ASC family (students)

Best part about it was we are a praying group! After dinner, we broke off into small groups and talked and prayed for each other. It feels like we have known each other forever already. It was a fantastic night.

Every student has a service placement where they have to serve for 35 hours out of the semester. Yesterday, two other students and I went to ours to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator. It was amazing. It is a Jewish Aged Care Home and they have four sites. They are really excited about having us (this is the first time the ASC has partnered with this agency). Most of their residents are actually survivors of the Holocaust. How amazing is that?! I am so excited because we will be able to participate in their Jewish High Holidays. I also met a Rabbi and I will be able to have one-on-one time with him.

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