Are You My Mother?

by Amy Flohr

“’I know I have a mother,’ said the baby bird. ‘I know I do.  I will find her.  I will.  I WILL!’”.  The popular Dr. Seuss book Are You My Mother denotes a young bird that is separated from his mother and continues to search for her throughout the narrative.  The young bird is finally reunited with his mother at the end of the story.  This story is still in progress with a Korean newborn boy named Ahn.  He was abandoned by his mother last week in a NSW hospital soon after being born.  He is healthy and temporarily in the care of foster parents, but the search for the mother is still in progress.  The local authorities have not yet been able to locate the mother.  Oddly, she still left after seeming to bond with her child.  Thus said, even if the mother does not want to take care of her child, she is still being urged to come forward to determine the course of action to which Ahn will be taken care of.  In the abrupt manor of the mother’s parting from her child, Ms. Goward, the NSW Minister for Family and Community Services states that “it was possible the mother might be suffering from post-natal depression, but this was just speculation” (Patty, A., 2013).  The condition of post-partum depression is rising in incidence, yet is treatable.  In effort to find the mother, the number for the Community Services Hotline (132 111) is being posted in numerous locations.  All would hope for the mother to be reunited with her child, or for the best outcome of baby Ahn.  The search continues.


Patty, A. 2013. ‘Search for mother of ‘beautiful baby’ Ahn, abandoned at Sydney hospital’, Sydney Morning Herald. <> (accessed 12 March, 2013).

Seuss, Dr. Are You My Mother. <> (accessed 12 March, 2013).

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