Kangaroo Chow Mein

North Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in honor of the historic dinner that took place in the small colony in October of 1621. Earlier in the year a treaty had been drawn up between the then-small English colony and the Wampanoag people native to that area.

Does it make you curious to know what was happening elsewhere in 1621?

  1. Sir Francis Bacon, scientist and Lord Chancellor of England, is put in prison on 23 counts of corruption.
  2. The Treaty of Khotyn is signed ending the Polish-Ottoman War…both sides claimed victory.
  3. In an unprecedented show of violence from the nation of the light blue flag, the Swedes occupied Riga (present day Latvia).
  4. Hugo de Groot escapes a sentence of “perpetual imprisonment” in the castle of Lovenstein by hiding in a chest supposed to be full of books.
  5. And Galileo invented the telescope.

Some historical theories state that the first outsiders to be welcomed by the Aboriginal Australians were in fact the Chinese. Perhaps a similar scene to the one at Plymouth unfolded in 1621 somewhere in Australia. Kangaroo Chow Mein? Wonton Bogong moths for dessert?



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