Olympians from Down Under

With the 2012 London Olympics in full swing, TV sets all around Australia are tuned in to hear the news of the nation’s represetative athletes.
Already Australia’s medal count is up to 3, each of them in swimming.
Australia is represented (as they often are) in every one of the Olympic swimming events. Impressive for a country with a smaller population size.
With a gold medal in the Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, a silver medal in the Men’s 100m Breaststroke, and a bronze in the Women’s 100m Butterfly, Australia is starting out well.

A Damaged Roll

by Ty Tuin

Shooting on film can be a cost-effective way to get fantastic photos if you know how to navigate the underworld of obscure and expired film stocks. In Australia, film is nothing close to cheap. Most of the time a roll of 35mm film can cost three times the price of the same roll in the US.

This has caused me to get creative.

I recently found a roll of film I had been saving in my camera bag. It was a leftover from a photography class I took my junior year of college. Its an old roll and its been through so many x-ray machines during various travels that I had no idea if it would turn out.

The following are some photos from an old, damaged roll of Ilford 400 B+W:


Preparing for Semester 2

If there was tumbleweed in Sydney, we would see them blowing by. If there were crickets, they would be chirping. The loudest sound we hear is the rain cascading down the tile roof onto the cracked pavement.

There are no students here.

The last group of ASCers left a few weeks ago and since then the place has been pretty quiet. However, despite the lack of bright eyed students bouncing around the office, we are all hard at work.

Much preparation is required for each semester to run smoothly including securing homestays, orientation preparation, deciding dates for program trips, and getting the office ready for another great semester!

As the ASC intern my job involves assisting in all of the usual duties as well as planning what the semester’s motion picture opportunities will be.

You can expect another great semester whether you’re here in Australia or at home keeping up with the program.