The Promise the Bus made to Me

By Rachel Tennis

“There’s no shame in running for the bus.” That’s what Kimberly told us on one of our first days here at Wesley Institute. I laughed at the time, but now, even though I’ve only been here a short time, this statement has become my reality. I have run for bus, train and ferry alike.

When I was 16, my parents got me a used Carolla, whom I named Topanga. I love Topanga.  She gets me from point A to point B on my own time. Once I had Topanga, I thought I was so cool. I could come and go as I pleased; I didn’t have to wait on anyone else’s schedule. I was a free woman! I can almost hear 16 year old me saying, “Gosh, I am just so independent.” Aside from the fact that I didn’t pay for gas, insurance, or anything else in my life for that matter, I was very self-sufficient.

Ever since, I have become very used to having a car. This last year, I would drive to class nearly everyday, because who wants to walk 3 blocks to get to school? That would be a total drag. And being so independent, I can just drive myself. Walking is for chumps. Now I walk two or three times that distance just to get to the bus that will take me to the other bus that will take me to school.

These past few weeks I have found myself completely relying on the public transportation system. At home, when driving, I hated the bus system. They were slow, and in my way. I had places to be. I left five minutes before I had to be somewhere and now I was going to be late. It was all Rachel all the time. Now, I leave the house an hour and a half before I have to be somewhere, because I know an hour of that will be spent walking or waiting for a bus to come.

When it comes to public transportation, you have very little control. By ‘very little’ I mean ‘none’. It is a humbling experience to not be in control. Your future is in someone else’s hands. No matter how much you plan out your day, it is never going to unfold the way you expect it to. However, even though you don’t have control, you do have to do your part. If you make the effort to get yourself to the bus stop, the bus will come. Something I have realized is that, just because the bus doesn’t show up right when you want it to, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming (in this analogy, the bus is God). Be patient and trust that what has been promised will be provided. If the ‘bus’ promises it will come, it will come.

Being in Australia is an incredible opportunity and I know I have so many adventures ahead of me. But I’ll have to wait at least 30 minutes at a bus stop to get there.

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